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Sloshbeard is in no way related to the Lady Alain Sloshing

Posted by Meredith Entrikin on Wednesday, February 13, 2013, In : The Pantsless Pirate's Posts 

Herein contained is set down an excerpt from the memoirs of one Captain Alan Sloshbeard.  Which were in fact stolen by some dirty Scottish noble brat who immediately turned it in to the authorities leaving me high and dry with a fat reward over my head, and by me I mean not me at all because I’m not Sloshbeard. My name is Randulf Slosher I swear I am in no way pantsless or have I ever been a Pirate…now where were those pants.

Hello There Journal,

It was an odd day when I found myself pa...

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Sloshbeard is a right tosser

Posted by Randall on Wednesday, February 6, 2013, In : The Pantsless Pirate's Posts 

Herein contained is set down an excerpt from my private journals…er I mean Captain Alan Sloshbeard’s private journals.  Which I Found! Not mine Cause I’m not him, and I never was…have been…um.  Yours, The Pantsless Non-Pirate.

Hello journal,

Today I found myself in a right mess, there were wenches and goats and lots of rum.  There I was in the Rotted Plank Tavern, just off the coast of who knows where, when this dainty tavern wench caught my eye.  I being a man of the c...

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Posted by Randall on Wednesday, January 30, 2013, In : The Pantsless Pirate's Posts 
Dead or Alive

 Captain Alan “The Pantsless Pirate” Sloshbeard. Formerly of the infamous pirate vessel Terrible Potatoe. Wanted for numerous and vile crimes against the Crown and the British Empire.  These crimes shall here be named: Piracy on the Baltic Sea, Smuggling, Dealing in black market goods, Sale of counterfeit merchandise, Attempted sale of a false mermaid, Illegal import of china dolls, Forgery, Sailing under false colors, Depravity, Desecration of a church, Public urination, Va...
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Sloshbeard is not now nor has he ever been a nun.

Posted by Randall on Wednesday, January 9, 2013, In : The Pantsless Pirate's Posts 

Herein contained is set down a record of that wily fellow from the wanted posters named Captain Alan Sloshbeard, who I am not now nor in anyway have I ever been, the same as or related to in any fashion… indeed.  Yours, The Pantsless Pirate…Privateer…Merchant…right.

Hello journal,

I found myself on the run once more; that is of course assuming that those servants of the crown who gave chase were not simply phantoms of a mind besotted with strong drink.  I sought to seek sanctuary at...

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