Rose & Thorn Armory's 100 Year Warranty

Your product is guaranteed to perform the function for which it was designed for 100 years. The reason for this is that the Smithsonian Institute has leather products that are over 2000 years old and we feel at a minimum our products should last 100 years. We do not guarantee the condition of your product in a 100 years. That is entirely up to the owner of the product. Many of our products are designed for combat and therefore they will not remain in a like new condition. Also, if product is not properly cared for the condition of the leather cannot be guaranteed.

The use of sharpened steel or any other sharpened object on our products voids all warranties and guarantees.

Rose and Thorn Armory does not guarantee the safety of anyone wearing its goods as protective gear due to unintended use or lack of maintenance to its leather armor by the purchaser and/or owner of its goods.

 Rose & Thorn Armory's Guarantee

Rose and Thorn Armory guarantees that all rivets and stitching will perform as designed, for the life of your product, and will repair and/or replace any popped rivets or stitching with similar or equal products.

If any strap or buckle breaks due to overuse Rose and Thorn Armory will replace and/or repair with similar or equal product.

Rose and Thorn Armory's Safety Waiver

 Rose and Thorn Armory is proud to offer protective gear such as leather armor. Although Rose and Thorn Armory uses the finest materials in the attempt to give you the greatest degree of safety. Rose and Thorn Armory is not responsible for any injuries received while using our safety gear knowingly engaging in activities which may cause bodily harm is the responsibility of the individual engaging in such activities. Our leather goods are designed to protect you as best they can, within the limits of the materials used.

In respects to long-term use of our goods. If you, the owner, has not maintained your equipment appropriately, we cannot be held liable for any degrading in the protectiveness of the materials used.

Using our protective equipment in activities which they are not specifically designed for may potentially be dangerous and unwise such as engaging in live steel combat or firearms, the limits of our materials do not guarantee any kind of safety with such activities. Please be aware that engaging in dangerous activities of any sort in our armor is of your own volition and we cannot be held liable for any injuries received and through the purchase and ownership of our goods. You acknowledge all safety risks to be your own responsibilities and not the responsibilities of Rose and Thorn Armory.

 Rose & Thorn Armory Sales Policy

All sales are final, no refunds or returns will be granted.